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What is Shayariholic Love? In a nutshell, it’s the love that is experienced and expressed by two people in the presence of others. It is the universal energy that flows around all of us just as water runs around a faucet. As humans, we have only our own internalized energy to radiate; however, other beings also experience this sort of love. For instance, when you or I laugh or smile, the outside world notices this and we become aware of it. Check here for more information.

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The third aspect is the emotional aspect of love. It is often said that the key to any relationship is the ability to connect emotionally with another person. It is the ability to make a connection between your body and heart. Therefore, if you’re in a romantic relationship or have a close friend, you can share your emotions freely with that person without any restrictions. However, most people in these relationships are not consciously aware of this.

The fourth aspect is the physical aspect. When we are in a relationship, it is frequently the case that we are drawn to someone due to physical attraction alone. There could be a lot of superficial attractions but when you start focusing on someone purely on their physical attributes, you lose the essence of the relationship altogether.

When this happens, you may feel that you are no longer in love at all. This is because you have lost the true essence of love. The fact is, the two of you are one and the same soul/mind/spirit. When you connect with this one person, you will receive love from her.

How can we do this? We begin with loving ourselves first. As humans, we have ego. When we engage in loving ourselves through self-loving, we create the ideal conditions for attracting more of the same to come into our lives. This is the reason why we often get attracted to those who treat us with such dignity.

So, if we want to attract abundance of love from a person, we have to make sure we are first appreciating and respecting the person and her abilities and traits first. We must accept them as they are. Only then will we be able to fully appreciate and respect the mind, spirit and body that created them.

When we are fully present with the other person, we will then be able to appreciate the uniqueness of the mind/spirit that created her. When we treat others with this same respect, we will receive more of the same. When we give of ourselves, we give of our mind, spirit and body, too. It is as simple as that.

Love in any relationship begins with recognition, acceptance and blessing. It does not start or end with physical attraction. It starts with being mindful of the other person. It continues with full awareness and blessing of the mind, spirit and body that made them who they are. This is what will create a profound, loving relationship with a shayari holi.

When you are mindful of the other person and you honor and respect their gifts, you can receive in abundance. You will receive your share of the divine energy. This divine energy will nourish and strengthen your relationship with that person. You will grow closer and stronger. When this happens, the relationship becomes even stronger and deeper.

There are several things to do to honor and appreciate the other person’s gifts – their strengths and talents. The first is to find something about them that you admire; write it down, talk about it and put it into practice. When you start honoring and expressing your appreciation, you will soon have all the energies coming to you to enjoy.

The next step is to express your gratitude to the person for whatever it is she has given you. You can start this process by saying that you love them and you will continue to love them in the future. You can also tell them how grateful you are for whatever they gave you. Then, thank them through your words and your gestures. This will keep the flow of the relationship going.

The third step is to connect to your mind. Ask your mind to visualize the person in whatever form you desire – good, bad or neutral. Keep in mind that their thoughts, feelings and emotions come into play when you make a visualization. When you connect your mind to the object or person, you get in touch with the inner self. Once you do this, you begin to heal the inner self.